Hiding in My Shell


Most of us experience depression from time to time. Some of us have suffered from deep depression that steals our joy and turns it into deep sadness. This is not just those who have PTS. It happens to new mothers, teens, married couples, working people, and seniors.  The good news is that it can be treated. For some it includes medication and counseling. We are just realizing how important treatment is in this country. Until we provide adequate treatment and help for depression, we are going to see violence and suicide rise. If you suffer from depression. Talk to someone who has the skills to help you through.


This pain

Deeper than anything

I’ve ever know

Envelops my being

Overwhelming my soul,

Consuming my spirit

Destroying all desire to live.

Quicksand sucks me down

Drawing me into the darkness…

Wanting nothing

Giving nothing…

Just that feeling of loneliness

That never goes away.

Hopeless and helpless

My joy turns to a great sadness

Pumping through my veins

Like a long stemmed rose

Long dead….only the thorns remain

Scratching my soul with each beat


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

19 thoughts on “Hiding in My Shell

  1. Dwight, having experienced and re-expreienced this type of clinical depression I found it is pivotal to recognize that depression is something someone has, not who they are. Most characteristics of depression are often misunderstood as derived from character faults, will, personality or goal. This is not the case as depression is a medical condition that effects all those things. I made it though double depressions (the hardest depression to treat) understanding the difference between what one is suffering as opposed to what one is. Hugs~

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    • Thank you for you comment. You m out a very important point. Deep depression is rarely fixed by self help. People often make insensitive comments, like cheer up, or tell you what to do. I have been there myself many years ago. and it is a very dark valley to walk through. Thanks again.

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  2. Very heartfelt. I find many people are depressed yet never acknowledge it. Acceptance is the first step…a hard step. Acknowledging the pain and confusion is a start. My depression is light compared to others, but it is real. Medication helps, but working on my self-worth is a full-time job. Thanks for the poem.

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