She Sings

Lone Bass Man

This week I was introduced to by fellow blogger Amaya to, a poetry group on Word Press that challenges one another to write in various poetic forms. This is all new for me, so I am giving it a try. Today they are asking us to write Jazz poetry which, I never heard of before. It is a free verse style that has a musical jazz-like quality to the rhythm to the flow. So here is my attempt. I am writing about my experience playing the guitar and singing with a group of old folks at a local nursing home each Friday.  I hope you enjoy my poem. This is my painting of The Lone Bass Man that I thought would go well with my poem.

She Sings
Though she cannot speak.
Halting words
Hel-l l lo
But, as the music plays
Oh can she sing
Every word plain and clear
Smooth as jazz
She sings
A smile
Across her face the words pour out
her soul
with a rhythm,
and yes…
With spoken words
clear unchained.
For the stroke
Did not
Affect that side of her brain.

41 thoughts on “She Sings

  1. Nice to see you on the free verse side of things, as I know how you love your rhymes! It’s a good thing to bring the “clear, unchained” jazz out of people every once in awhile, or every Friday in your case. I used to go with my dad to the Alzheimer’s home where his mother lived. We’d hold impromptu concerts for the residents and it was amazing to see the music in their souls. My grandmother didn’t know who I was but could still sit down at the piano and play any hymn, jazz standard, or etude we requested. In any key. What a gift music is. Binding us when our brains cannot.

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    • Thank you so much for introducing me to this group. I am not sure I will be able to keep up with the rest of you, since most of this is new for me, but I will try. It is amazing to see that music is the last to go. Thank you for your comments. We had a similar experience with Ruth;’s mother who had a brain tumor. She stopped communicating, but when we took her to the church service she was still singing hymns. Thank you again.

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  2. This so reminds me of my mother when she was in a SNF. She loved to sing and when ever there were special groups that visited, she was always wheeled to listen and to clap her hands and sang. I used to sign to her in her last days. This is a moving poem. BTW…a haibun is a Japanese poetic form that is both prose and poetry – hai – haiku and bun – prose. the form is written in a tight paragraph or two and is ended with a haiku – which must contain a season word. the prose must be true and actually have happened to the person. thank you for posting this lovely poem. I enjoyed it immensely.

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  3. Welcome to the Poets Pub. You will become an asset, I predict. We need more artists too; love your painting. Music is the universal language; one reason I loved CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. Your poem had a wonderful flow to it–for me free verse & poetic prose are the breath of life.

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  4. I am a caregiver for the elderly and have sat many times listening with them to the entertainment that comes. You just don’t know the extent of what it means to them. And oh, many love to sing, as I also. If I should ever have a stroke, and I pray not, Oh to still have song! The painting is wonderful, as is the poem.

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