Puppy Love

Dwight Roth - Paper Boy 001

Puppy Love

Gouging deep breaking smooth Maple bark

He carved his initials with hers in a heart

Imaginary lovers… she will never know

He’s only thirteen and hormones flow

Fantasies of a chance to hold her hand

To share how he feels as she sits in the stands

A dark haired beauty with a captivating smile

Slim angel of dreams on his mind for awhile

But this love though sweet was never meant to be

Except in the mind of a boy like me

Daydreams and night dreams in my brain collide

Adolescent shyness keeps words locked inside

She’ll never know I was her biggest fan

Who wanted to be near and hold her hand

Many years came and now are gone

But those puppy love dreams still remain

Adolescent fantasies never die

They’re just to be remembered

And put away with a sigh


Photo: From the family album


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