Pitch Black


One evening when activities were over it was time to climb back up the ridge to our campsite. I realized I did not have my flashlight. A winding trail led up to the top of the ridge. It was so familiar that I thought I could easily climb it even in the dark. I started off well, but as I got into the trees everything turned pitch black. After stumbling in the dark for some time I finally reached the top of the ridge. I found that walking in darkness is no way to go.

Pitch Black

I thought I knew my way

Followed that trail easily

In the light of day

Could maneuver it with my eyes shut

Now in the dark of night

Only islands of flickering light

Fade in the distance

Where I must go is pitch black

There is no light t’was left behind

A winding dark trail in my mind

Only a blind man could traverse

Without light in hand

I confidently walk into pitch black

Heading for the top of the ridge

By the first turn the picture fades

The trail begins to change course

Stumbling and falling hands outstretched

Rocks reveal I’m not on the trail

Branches sting my face

Feeling my way I climb on

Like a blind man who lost his cane

Moving through bushes

Not seeing a thing

Night sounds surround me

As blind tree frogs sing

Stumbling in the darkness

A glimmer of light flickers up ahead

No time to stop I’ve reached the top

What one sees in daylight

Turns quite different in the dark

Pitch black surrounds you

The trail is obscure

Where there is no light

Always walk in the Light


Photos: Dwight L. Roth




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