The Last Taste of Summer


The Last Taste of Summer

Cool air creeps in on the back of shortening days

The sun’s still warm but nights are cold

Nips of fall manifest themselves in the garden

The grape vines are almost bare

Garden tomatoes still hang on to the very end

No statement of an early demise signed here

Fallen Zinnias and Cosmos feed the last of the Monarchs

Honey bees still collect pollen in the early morning sunshine

To my surprise I see a remaining orange jewel

Hanging on the aging vines

The last ripe tomato just waiting for me

I picked it today and had it for lunch

Last but not least it still had the flavor

Of earlier brothers and sisters already eaten

What a wonderful way to bring closure

That one last taste of summer makes it all worthwhile

All the work and toil ending in one last jewel of flavor

As fall closes in with colors of every hue

I enjoy this one last offering

Thankful for the simple blessings of life


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


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6 thoughts on “The Last Taste of Summer

  1. You have a nice edible garden and good that you had the tomatoes into this late of summer. I didn’t grow tomatoes this year, but I had an orange tree, two plum trees, two grape vines in different spots and an apple tree. Some apples are not ripe yet. It’s fun to have an edible garden. You surely enjoy yours!

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