Pieces of Me

Chris and Jason at Duck, NC 1977 001

The beauty of genetics is that genes get reshuffled with every hand. When we look at our children we see reflections of ourselves in their hair, their eyes, their smile, their dimples and their rosy cheeks! It is a beautiful thing to see. But even more beautiful is what comes from inside. The positive traits that make one a good person are also reflected as well as some of the negative ones. When we see our children growing into responsible and caring adults it give us a sense of pride and encouragement that perhaps the world will be a better place because of them.

Pieces of Me

“You look just like your mother!”

“You’re just as handsome as your father!”

Pieces of me

Reflected in my children

Coming through in rainbow blends

A little of me a little of her

Blended into that new and improved look

Called my children

Pieces from the inside shine as well

Some good and perhaps some not so good

The best and the worst tend to shine through

Personalities reflecting who I am

In their eyes and in their smile

Attitudes and actions magnetic and attractive

All passed on for the next genetic blend

Although it’s great to have good looking children

The pieces of me I cherish come from within

The beauty of the Creator

From me

To them and their children too

Making the world a better place

For me and for you


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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