Leaving Our Mark


I believe most of us want to be remembered after we are gone. At least we hope our family will remember us for the short term. Perhaps some of our grandchildren will dig up a little of our past history, but we all know that after two or three generations what we thought were lasting impressions will have faded away. This is why it is so important to write our memoirs. They might sit on a shelf for fifty years, but at least they are there if someone in the future wants to get a glimpse of who we were and what we believed.

 Our Mark

Raindrops overnight surf falling leaves

Landing in the yard pasting to the driveway

Nipped by overnight frostbite they lay

Beautiful accents of brown and gray

On winds late-day

Leaves take their leave from the pavement

Visiting our neighbor’s yard instead

Imprints marking the concrete where lain

Tattooed fossils of rib and vein

Beautiful reminders not seen again

Just like us taking our leave of life

Having left our mark imprinted

On the lives we’ve touched

To be remembered in detail for a time

Only too soon we fade from the minds

As others make their mark

In our place and their time


Photos: Dwight L. Roth


5 thoughts on “Leaving Our Mark

  1. Dwight, I believe that, as parents, we would like to leave positive “marks” for our children and grandchildren to live by. Many such marks will indeed fade in future generations. My current concern is about the marks our collective generation will leave across our planet from runaway climate disasters and threat of a nuclear world war.

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    • Thank you Rosaline for you comments. I agree. Our generation has a lot of concerns. With the collective masses at odds with each other anything could happen. Hopefully wisdom will win out over emotion and greed! Dwight

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