Things That are Gone

Brick wall mural

Old murals painted on brick walls are always a great find. While traveling in Pennsylavania we stayed in Manheim, a small town north of Lancaster. The front desk person at our motel recommended we check out a little out of the way restaurant with fine food in the middle of town.

The Cats Meow

It was called the Cat’s Meow and was decorated in the Roaring Twenties Flappper style.

Cat's meow wall photos

It was upstairs in a brick house across from the Beer Distributer’s warehouse.  The food was really great and the décor was enchanting.

We could not find a parking space on the street, so we parked in the warehouse parking lot. When I got out I saw this beautifully painted old sign on the brick wall.  Although we were very tired from traveling all day, this really made it all worthwhile!

Photos: Dwight L. Roth


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