Wild Ride


With President Trump, every day is roller coaster ride. We never know what the next loop or dip will bring. During the campaign the Republicans thought he could never win. The Democrats were sure he would not win. But as the campaign coaster climbed higher and higher, they all were crying let me off!! Now the endless ride continues and like the movie “Ground Hog Day” with a never ending run up and down, over and over again. The poem applied then and I think it applies now even more. See what you think.

Suicide Ride

Climbing to the top

Thrill ride challenge

Maneuvered the small ones

Just crested the arch

Highest of highs

Rushing into weightless freefall

Everyone screaming

At the top of their lungs

I want off!!!!!

Will the coaster jump the tracks

Suicide for everyone onboard

Or sail up to the next loop

Rolling on into the booth

Adrenalin pumping

All grins and thumbs up

Hair a little mussed

Thrill ride of a lifetime

A heart attack waiting to happen

Stay on for the ride

And we do it all over again

What a wild ride!!


Clip art thanks to:  picgifs.com532 x 513 jpeg

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