The Image of God


In our world life is valued above everything else. We protect our children in their formative years only to let them go on their own as they get older. We grow old and wonder what we have accomplished in life. Then we look at our children and grandchildren and we know. They are our legacy. Our love and care is reflected in them just as the creators love and care is reflected in us. And our life goes on.

My Life Goes On
If I should find this my last day
Looking back on my work and play
Life is the place where joy and sorrow meet
A roller coaster ride of ups and downs
Struggles pain and joys abound
Making me stronger standing my ground
Becoming the man who bears my name
The image of my creator reflected in my face
Not perfect but full of love and amazing grace
A shadow of the divine embracing a much better place
Life goes on be it here or there
In our children in their children
His face is everywhere
Reflections of love immeasurable power
Strength for today and hope for each hour
Passing on down through the thread of life
So fragile so dear so full of strife
If this were to be my last day
With sorrow’s leaving I would surely say
I’m not gone I’m here to stay


Photo: Dwight & Ruth

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