Wild Woman in Pearls


Crazy Friday brings out my crazy painting of my Wild Woman in Pearls. This is my silly experiment with blending multicolor acrylic paints. My latent alter ego of Picasso tried in vain to shine through. Instead this Wild Woman in Pearls appeared. So on this Friday I offer you my silly version hopefully to make you smile and wonder, “What in the world was he thinking!”

Wild Woman in Pearls

You go for show my wild woman in pearls

Wonder what you are thinking

Decked out in your bobbles and twirls

What happens to your brain in that indented space

Did it get squished underneath that yellow curl

And what in the world happened when your ears unfurled

Stuck so out of place under those donut curlers

Your make-up may be runny and your mouth askew

But your pearls my dear look like their brand new



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