Get Off Your Soapbox

This poem is not intended to offend those who have spoken out over the past week against what most consider evil and hate. Watching the crowds in Boston who came out to say that hate will not win in our society was great to see.  Marches and protests have their place, but it is what we do after we go home that makes our cause authentic. It is one thing to protest, but it is another thing to live out our ethics and values in society. To do that we have to get off our soapbox and love our neighbor, listen to others, and extend the hand of friendship to all. “Overcome evil with good!”

Get Off Your Soapbox

Get off your soap box

It keeps you from stepping forward

For when you rise above the rest

A step in any other direction

Might trip you up

Falling on your face

Get off your soapbox

Makes it very hard to shake hands

Or to walk in another’s shoes

Standing above everyone else

Knowing you are right

Claiming authority

Get off your soap box

It brings deafness to the ears

Difficult to hear another view

When the bullhorn is amplifying

Promoting your ideology

Your version of the truth

Get off your soap box

Helping others requires no shouts

A helping hand has no time for rising above

Busy hands only have time for lifting

Helping others move through the fray

Compassion is rarely found on the box

Get off your soap box



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