The Wind’s Tongue



The Wind’s Tongue

The dry wind’s tongue

Licks harshly at the sagebrush

Flicking tumbleweed

Across the deserted highway

Licking rocks smooth

Chasing rattlesnakes into their dens

The wet tongue of the wind

Laps at the lighthouse door

Drooling on windows

Eating the dunes

Like a kid’s melting ice cream cone

Lapping at every side

Tasting the sprinkles

As it spews out each mouthful

Into the ocean once again

The cold wind’s tongue

Sharp and cutting at 20 below

Seeking every inch of exposed flesh

Nail embedded kisses on our cheeks

Licking warm windows

Leaving growing crystals

As it laps up and down the glass

The warm wind tongue

Licks gently at our skin

Caressing on hot days

Half naked bodies

Enjoying  sand and surf

Cool kisses at sunset

Watching waves roll in

Dragon tongue of the wind

Miles long

Indiscriminate lashings

Destroying everything in its path

Forked twisted tongue

Rising like the devil himself

Trying to lay us low

Only making us stronger

Building resilience and strength

Rising from the rubble


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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