Evil Masquerade


Watching the chaos in Charlottesville, VA yesterday made me stop once again and realize how evil keeps rearing its ugly head all around us. Are we teaching our children to love others as God loves them or are we teaching them to pick and choose who they love and who is their neighbor. It is so easy to get sucked into the emotions of the day. Our media thrives on the sensational. Do we take what we hear as truth or do we evaluate and discern the real story. When we feed ourselves only on what we think we never get to hear other views. It is easy to see how hate groups like the KKK and the White Nationalists can gather a following. Teach your children well for the values you teach them will determine their future.

Evil Masquerade
Ignorance hiding behind swastikas and masks
Spouting hate and destruction
Claiming supremacy of their race
Whites only no one else included
An outdated way of thinking
Throwback to the sixties
Anything can happen
When hiding behind a mask
Of fear driving hate
Claiming Christianity
Anything but
Thinking only of one’s self
Refusing to see the good in others
All who are different rejected
Crawling out of their holes from the past
Creeping like an evil cancer
That keeps coming back to bring demise
Unfazed by the Chemo of Love
Failing to believe the sacrifice
Of the cross which they so freely burn
Superseding the God
They claim is on their side
So distorted one cannot see
The reflection of love
The Alpha and Omega of it all
Grace that covers hate and bigotry
The God who welcomes all
The God with no need for images or masks


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



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