Grain of Sand


When I think of the vastness of the universe, I wonder at my own insignificance. We all ask the question, “Why am I here?” What Is my Purpose?” “Is there life after death?”  Unanswerable questions run through our mind as we live our life. As a person of faith, I believe God is the creator who gives me purpose and a reason to live and serve others. This poem looks at, not only our insignificance in the greater scheme of things. but  at the purpose for which we were created and exist.

Grain of Sand

Am I just a grain of sand

On the beach of the cosmos

Glinting now and then in the sunlight

As the waters of life wash over me

Am I just a grain of sand

Cemented together by heat and pressure

Metamorphic marble creating the beauty

Contrasting with all others around me

Am I just a grain of sand

Covering surrounding and preserving

Things to be uncovered in eons to come

Sedimentary fossils of the past perfectly saved

Am I just a grain of sand

Identity lost along with others

Melted and spewed out by volcanic forces

Life so intense all individuality gone

Ending in translucent crystal of beauty

Am I just a grain of sand

Crushed and pulverized in the milieu

Gathered wet and smooth on the potter’s wheel

Molded and shaped into a whole

Much greater than myself

Only to be fired transformed hardened

Into a useful creation

Made for a purpose

Defined and fixed

By the Potter’s hand

Only to be broken in time

And returned to dust

While my spirit

Lives on into eternity


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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