Clutter or Genius

IMG_3335 Geniuses

Working in clutter is just a different way of functioning. I  tend to be very messy when it comes to my work area. To most it looks like I am the messiest person in the world, but, I’ve discovered that I function in my work area when my tools etc. are in the pattern of a clock around me. Then I remember where everything is and it is all within reach.  The problem comes at the end of my work time, when I don’t always clean it up and put it back in its place. But being the visual learner that I am, I can almost always go back and find anything I might need.

Clutter or Genius

If clutter is a sign of genius then that must be me

According to my wife its all my clutter you see

All that stuff I fail to pick up nothing in the right place

Creates extra work anxiety leaves no smile on her face

For me I like everything within reach


When she puts it away it makes  me screech

Never was a very organized guy

When I don’t remember don’t ask me why

Things out of place and I can walk right by


Never even notice it doesn’t catch my eye

But amid the clutter and in all that “mess”


I usually know where everything is

So whether or not I’m a bonafied wreck

If it makes me a genius I don’t give a heck

I am just me and each day I miss a lot

I thrive on my clutter but a genius I ‘m not


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Sticker on my file cabinet at home







10 thoughts on “Clutter or Genius

  1. Haha this is definitely something we’ve been discussing on the blog at Shed52! One of us can barely function amid clutter in our house, while the other sees it as a sign of genius! A quick read would easily show who is who. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

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