Clutter or Genius

IMG_3335 Geniuses

Working in clutter is just a different way of functioning. I  tend to be very messy when it comes to my work area. To most it looks like I am the messiest person in the world, but, I’ve discovered that I function in my work area when my tools etc. are in the pattern of a clock around me. Then I remember where everything is and it is all within reach.  The problem comes at the end of my work time, when I don’t always clean it up and put it back in its place. But being the visual learner that I am, I can almost always go back and find anything I might need.

Clutter or Genius

If clutter is a sign of genius then that must be me

According to my wife its all my clutter you see

All that stuff I fail to pick up nothing in the right place

Creates extra work anxiety leaves no smile on her face

For me I like everything within reach


When she puts it away it makes  me screech

Never was a very organized guy

When I don’t remember don’t ask me why

Things out of place and I can walk right by


Never even notice it doesn’t catch my eye

But amid the clutter and in all that “mess”


I usually know where everything is

So whether or not I’m a bonafied wreck

If it makes me a genius I don’t give a heck

I am just me and each day I miss a lot

I thrive on my clutter but a genius I ‘m not


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Sticker on my file cabinet at home







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