Feel the Power


I am always been fascinated with power. Tractor Trailer trucks exude raw power as they haul our products up and down the highways. Tractors in the field have evolved into huge transformer-like machines that cut our grain and till our fields. The power of storms and the aftermath of destruction conjure up great respect for what they can do. I love the feeling of power as I sit on a tractor and ride through the fields. Power comes in so many forms. I thought I would share some of them in this poem!


Power is a beautiful thing
when used for the common good
Steam trains of my childhood
Dragons of steel
Snorting their way through the Pennsylvania hills
Pulling a hundred coal cars
to the steel mills at Pittsburgh


Farmall tractors shiny red
Roaring through the fields
Pulling plow and disc
through soil of rock and clay
Rolling over blankets of earth
Smoothing them like a quilt
Feeling all that power surging under me
as I ride the turf surf


Kenworth, Peterbuilt, and Mack haul it all
Roaring down the highway
Tires humming on the asphalt
Diesel engines fifty-three foot trailers
Convoys of steel
Feeding never ending appetites of “the Blessed”


Airplanes, Subways, Ships, and Space Shuttles
Power at its best
Carry us to the far corners
of the earth and beyond
Connecting one race of man with one another
Opening the heart to greed
Gold, Diamonds, Oil and Land
Override common sense
Override the common good

Destructive Power looms in the shadows
Threatening us with guns and bombs
Killing maiming destroying our fellowmen

Selfish power
Political Gain
Dark Power for devious minds
Living only for themselves

Delusions of money, wealth, and fame
Disappear like flash paper in a magician’s hand


Nature’s power far outweighs them all
Beyond manipulation
It overwhelms without consent
Volcanoes, Typhoons, Earthquakes, and Floods
Power from beyond
Far exceeding anything
our minute minds can conceive

The most beautiful power of all
Is the power of love


Above the physical
Above the greed
Even above the natural
Nothing moves the heart of man like love
The love of a child
The unselfish heart
Moves all toward the heart of God


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Reposted from last year’s poetry


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