700 Followers Today



As of today, my blog now has 700 followers! I want to thank each one who reads my daily blogs. Each time I get to a new milestone in blogging I think, wow how great to be able to connect with folks from all over the world. Some seek fame and fortune in the public eye. For me it is my friends that count.

Famous only Among Friends  

It’s nice to be famous only among friends

Among friends is all that counts

Famous enough for this lifetime

It avoids a lot of unwanted baggage

Never ending expectations and tabloid garbage

No tours to make no books to sign

Just appreciation and love and that’s just fine

I still remember where I came from

And I am always home when the day is done

No paparazzi, flash bulbs, or sensational news

Only my friends care about my views

Yes, being famous is really great

The rewards are never late

My appreciation has no end

As long as being famous is only among friends


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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