Making Choices


Squirrels are famous for getting hit while crossing the street. I have driven down the street and seen one start to run out across. But before he is a third of the way across he stops and freezes. Trying to decide whether to go on or turn back.  If he had simply kept going he would easily have made it across. Sometimes his indecision keeps him there too long and he meets his demise. A good lesson for all of us. Indecision gets us nowhere. It is important to keep moving forward in life.


Indecision is the cancer of the soul

The stealer of joy in life

The weight that becomes unbearable

Indecision races through the mind

Veering wildly around sharp turns

Looking over steep heart-stopping cliffs

Indecision distorts perception

Assumes answers yet to be given

Like quicksand sucking us down

Indecision all-consuming anxiety

Fear of the inevitable choice

Knowing it must be made

Indecision leaves us chained

Stealing our freedom to be

Stuck in the swamp of worry and woe

Indecision leaves us impotent

Lacking will to move on

Leaving us hollow and empty


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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