Be Still


Be Still

In a world that never stops

Being still occurs only when we drop

Too tired to move and totally worn out

After a hard day’s work there’s no time to shout

Work eat sleep seems that’s all we do

Not time to meditate when our day is through

Sometimes our bodies force us to stop

To rest and recuperate when we’re not feeling tops

But what do we do when challenges arise

When fear and uncertainty show in our eyes

Do we run and fuss as we try to escape

Or do we wait and listen and meditate


We could learn a lot from little baby bunny

When he is scared and uncertain he’s still not running

A natural instinct that can save his life

Sit still and listen as you assess your plight

Wide awake and watching every movement

He waits and listens planning his escape route

If the time comes and he has to flee

He’s taken time he knows where he should be

So next time you’re anxious and not sure what’s to come

Be still and listen so you can plan your end run


Baby Bunny Photos: Dwight L. Roth


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