What Ever Happened to Flavor

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Who ever heard of healthy fast food? Seems like a contradiction in terms.  We have gone crazy in this country trying to save everyone from their inevitable demise! After eating fast food filled with fat and trans fats, I am now at age seventy and in good health. I am somewhat over weight, by my own bad choices, but heathy non the less. Some of you , like my sister, will roll your eyes at this one and say there is no hope for me!! This poem is a tribute to the days of “ignorance,” when we indulged and enjoyed the taste of food made with food that was very satisfying. Roll your eyes if you must, but just remember a little button my wife got me one year that said, “Exercise. Eat Right, Die Anyway!” She tells me its just my taste buds growing old, but I know better!

What Ever Happened to Flavor

Whoever heard of healthy fast food ?

I remember when the first Million were sold

Those hot juicy burgers that never grew old

The French fries had a ‘to die for’ flavor

Hot and salty tickling my taste buds forever

But then things changed it made me really sad

Health guru’s said that flavor was really very bad

Trans fats gave that to die for flavor the only one to be had

Now on the chopping block that taste’s gone forever

Those who are young never experience that flavor

How great were the fries cooked in golden corn oil

Now we eat “healthy” fries from dry russet potatoes

And though golden brown they still lack the flavor

99.9% fat free burgers spiced up to give them savor

So dry not even a grease spot appears on your paper

All shiny and brown with flour processed to oblivion

Our beautiful buns that taste like unsalted paper

I feel bad for kids of today who eat them down without thinking

Never realizing how good they were in the past generations

Whoever heard of making fast-food healthy

Like trying to add vitamins to candy bars named Hershey

Fast food’s not intended to be good for you

It’s purpose to entice make you feel really really good

Gives us back that taste and forget the health gurus

Indulge in moderation fat filled burgers and trans fats too


Clip-Art: foodhome.tumbler.com

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