Beauty & Poetry


Yesterday I had a visit from an Eastern Blue Grosbeak! I was very excited to see this beautiful bird. It was the first for me. It stayed around while I shot these photos from my recliner with a 200mm lens. The colors are very striking. At first I thought it was a blue bird, then a cow bird, then I saw the big fat beak and guessed it was a grosbeak. I looked it up in the bird book and found that my guess was correct. He came back this afternoon, but saw me moving and flew off. I hope I will seem him on a regular basis.

I decided to skip the words and let the photos speak poetry for themselves. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.









Photos: Dwight L. Roth

10 thoughts on “Beauty & Poetry

  1. wonderfull pictures! und eine kleine Lektion zum Schmunzeln: wenn das Essen lecker ist, kannst du auch mal in einen Käfig steigen – aber sieh zu, daß die Stäbe nicht zu eng sind…😀

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