Lottery: The Joy of Losing

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Who voluntarily gives their money away knowing that the system is rigged, and then believes it is for a good cause!?? This is what folks do in North Carolina. When the Lottery could not get a foothold in the state due to many conservatives living here, legislators came up with a new strategy. Tell people that it will provide funds for our schools and convince them that gambling is for a good cause. It worked and now we have the NC Education Lottery!  Takes a little of the guilt away, but not the contradictions!!

Lottery: The Joy of Losing

Winning is in most people’s blood we see it everywhere

It builds our competitive spirit gives us a confident air

Ball games tennis matches swim team meets and more

Bring out the best of who we are makes us very proud for sure

With the Lottery it’s just the opposite pulling dollars from our pocket

The joy for most comes in losing with minds too weak to block it

That “What if…?” moment dominates  always gets in our system

Keeps us coming back for more too deaf and blind to listen

That “Aha!” and “O shucks!” moment leaves pockets empty that’s for sure

But their will to keep on loosing keeps them trying for a little more

Everyone knows they won’t win a loss is guaranteed

But then again they just might this one last time indeed

So they buy an extra ticket that’s sure to increase their chances

1/300,896,497 pretty good odds don’t you think looking at a glance

Every now and then they might win every winning makes them dance

Always re-spent on winning Power Ball it’s now at 300.2M

If I buy a hundred tickets it could be worth a hundred milllion

How sad gambling addictions are promoted by the State

With their help lines and hot lines and ways to change your fate

Meanwhile calling it the “Education Lottery” “Money for our schools!”

While the sponsors and politicians line their fat pockets and drool

We teach our kids:

“Hey, gambling is fun… you might win a million dollars!”

What a sham to believe such a scam and promote it with our scholars

Then again you might win five or twenty-five or more

While your spouse and your children knock on the Poor House door!


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3 thoughts on “Lottery: The Joy of Losing

  1. Texas did the same thing years ago. And would you believe our educational system hasn’t improved? Ha! They move the funding elsewhere, cut taxes, and claim there’s not adequate funding…while lining their pockets, no doubt.

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