Wiener Roast



What’s the difference between a wiener roast and a hot dog roast? None!! My sister and second brothers were older than me. When I was ten or eleven, they were in the youth group at our church. My father was the pastor, so we had a lot of activities at our house. We often had what we called a wiener roast which included a bon-fire and lots of hot dogs and fixings. I was only ten or eleven, so I was too young to participate in games and activities, but I did get in on the eating.  My father built a long eight foot wooden table from left over three inch tongue and grooved porch flooring.  The hotdogs, ketchup, mustard, onions , napkins and Kool-Aid drink cups were spread across the top. When the fire burned down we roasted our wieners on the hot coals. They were wonderful.

Wiener Roast    (Childhood Details Collection)

Before I was a teen I can still recall

A crackling bon-fire burning tall

All gathered ‘round in the cool evening breeze


A group of young teens laughing with delight

Evenings  by the woods with fireflies bright

After an evening of fun at the beginning of night


I was too young but I was the preacher’s kid

So I shared in the food when all the others did

After all it was at my house and my back yard


Sticks from the woods all sharpened to a perfection

Young folks scattered in all directions

Wieners on buns await onions and relish



Three dogs to a stick across the pointed Y

Perfectly roasted  about to be anointed

With ketchup mustard and maybe a fly


A simple evening lots of fellowship and fun

Then they all went home the wiener roast was done

And I was fat and happy after three loaded buns


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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