Write Me From Paris



Write Me From Paris

Today I worked on art instead of writing. My friend Bob buys and sell stamps. He has big tubs of stamps that he goes through looking for that special stamp that will bring more than just a few cents. He is a good friend and we spend a lot of time solving the world’s problems down under the trees!

I asked for some of his throw-away stamps, that don’t measure up to his keen eye.  I wanted to do a mixed media project. The piece above is 12 x 16. I think of a theme, paint in the background with acrylics, and then add the stamps. I use clip art from the Webb and then add in the stamps around it gluing them on one at a time.

I used the Eiffel Tower as my first project that I worked on last week. I called it “Write Me From Paris.” It has stamps on it from all over the world.

Today I decided to do a tribute to New York City and the Twin Towers that were destroyed by terrorists on 9-11.  I think I will call this one “Remember When I Wrote You from New York?”  I used clip-art from the Webb and added color to the buildings with acrylic paints. The stamps in this piece are all from the USA.

Perhaps there is poetry in stamp art as well!! What do you think?



Remember When I Wrote You From New York?

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