Car Wash

Car Washing in 1953!

A clean car was a priority for my father, even though we lived on a dusty dirt road. Since we did not own our house, the car was the only major possession we acquired. Therefore having a clean car became an extension of himself. We loved to help wash the car feeling the soapy water running between our toes. The photo above is a picture of me in 1953 when I was six years old. My sister is up on the bumper of our 1951 Chevy, scrubbing, and my father is on the far side. I had the job of pumping the buckets full at our outside pump. As a result,  we all acquired the need for  clean cars as we got older . 

Car Wash    {Childhood Details Collection)

Soapy suds run over dusty surfaces

Cleaning unwanted coatings from the car

Dirt roads shed their dandruff

Cars stir up cumulus clouds of dust

Following behind like a little boy’s shadow

Settling into every crack and crevice

Mud builds up from pothole splashes

Water from the well-pump and dish soap

Chase those particles like an avalanche

Washing them to the ground

Wheels washed and shined

Comet cleanser and wire brush scrubbing

Wide whitewalls cleaned to perfection

Sponged and rinsed the shine returns

Chrome surfaces sparkling in the sunlight

Seems like such an effort in futility

Knowing that the first trip out our dirt road

Will invite powdery dust

To once again settle like dandruff

On the fender-shoulders, hood, and roof

But that ephemeral pristine look

Brings satisfaction if only for a moment


Photo from the family album



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