Concord Grapes


My father built a grape arbor before I was born. By the time I came along the vines had grown and covered the arbor that extended out to the driveway. The grapes were deep blue Concord Grapes and very sweet. Every summer we all looked forward to the time when these grapes were ripe. The arbor was only seven feet tall, so it was easy to reach up and pick the clusters of grapes and pop them into our mouths. This is the first of my collection that I have called Childhood Details.

Concord Grapes   (Childhood Details collection)

From the back steps to the end of the walk

Clusters of blue Concord Grapes hung ripe and full

Sweet and delicious bursting with flavor

Grape vines climbing the arbor

Covering the walkway with green foliage

Grape vines

Honey bees buzzing about not interested in me

Seeking sweet nectar of the gods from the overripe clusters

I pull off grapes squeezing them into my mouth

Swallowing them whole avoiding the seeds

Squeezing hard finding sweetness just under the skin

All I could eat and some left over for jelly and juice

Happy tummy and sticky fingers

Sweet satisfaction every summer


Photos: Dwight L. Roth &  B&W Family Album






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