Childhood Details

GeorgeH&kids1953 & Dwight

I decided to begin writing a series of poems that I am calling Childhood Details.  The sentiments of childhood go deep into everyone’s soul. For some, it has been blocked out for various reasons, and like Pandora’s Box is never opened for fear of what unwelcome memories might come out!  For me, my childhood memories are like sea shells at the beach, each unique and different. They are ones which I want to collect and keep in my bucket to look at over and over again. The photo above is of me on my tricycle when I was probably seven years old.  It takes me back to all the details surrounding that time and fills my mind with memories of good times and good people. I will see what this inspiration brings. I hope you will enjoy them.

Childhood Details

Childhood details lost in the cobwebs of time

Still linger there like a rolled up moth in a spider’s web

Waiting to be opened and devoured

So well preserved that the resurrection of such

Rings true and clear in visions in my mind

Of toys and playthings tricycles and bicycles

All coming  back as I unwind the web

Amazing what one can remember

When the cobwebs are pushed aside

What gems of preciousness can be conjured up

Simply by taking time to revisit what has been saved

Like time capsules the content preserved

For a time of opening

And that time is now


Photo: from the family album



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