Morning Light



Shining through my bedroom blind

Searing light like a welder’s torch

Forcing my eyes tight shut

Causing me to squint and roll over

But when light is present

One cannot simply roll over

Pretending it is not there

It pierces the darkness

Calling us to action

A wake-up call to a new day

One without clouds or rain

One with only light and shadow

Light at its apex diminishes shadows

Reveals the truth

Shows us the way

Exposes every flaw

Calling us to live

Every day as though

There were no shadows

Just light and growth

Reaching upward to the light


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


15 thoughts on “Morning Light

  1. Definitely calls to mind 1 John. In Christ, there is no darkness at all. I appreciate the day, but love what Louis Armstrong called “the dark, sacred night”. I appreciate poetry that uses simple yet descriptive words as yours.

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