The Amazing Damselfly



Sitting by my little stream a Damselfly came flitting by

Zipping by in synchronized aerial acrobatics

Flying in pairs like a sparkler in a little boy’s hand

Up and down round and round up into the sky


Irridescent blue sporting two pair of black wings

Sunning and stretching showing off his long slim thorax

Trying to impress a mate without too much success

Not unlike humans who like to show off and sing


Leaf to leaf and stem to stem it moves from scene to scene

Knowing I’m there but seeming not to care

Resting in the cool of the afternoon shade

Almost caught by a leaping frog rising up from the stream


Such fragile creatures so beautiful and so fine

With a pin head brain so full and so bold

Technology beyond what man can build

Smaller than a chip with precision lines


How wonderful to be in the presence of awesomeness

So easy to simply pass it by

Never realizing never taking time to see

Lift your eyes to the beauty of nature’s finest


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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