Feet of Clay



Today I watched as the Media was all over the story of Tiger Woods getting a DUI. I thought how sad that we turn like Parana’s to tear down our heroes when they fail to measure up to our expectations. What gives us the right to judge others and their motives. This seems to be true across the board. The Media is always ready to feed us our fix of salacious gossip!  Perhaps it is us who are to blame for feeding on this trash!

Feet of Clay

How often we find

Our heroes have feet of clay

That pedestal we put them on

Does not always keep them there

Sports heroes Religious leaders and Celebrities

Spouses children and best friends

In time all fall short

Don’t be disillusioned when this occurs

We all fall short from time to time

Amazing how the salacious makes the news

While the good we do remains buried in the file

When you’re ready to become judge and jury

Remember the words of Jesus:

“Let him without sin cast the first stone!”


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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