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On this Memorial Day weekend we remember the lives lost in wars fought on foreign soil or at sea.  When I see the rows and rows of white crosses in the field at Normandy, I am sad for the lives that never became doctors, teachers, or presidents. I am struck by the importance of remembering those who are gone. It is necessary so they are not lost in the passing of time. It is important to remember so that perhaps we can learn from the past and not repeat the history that brought death to so many young men, who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.  We must remember those we love and care about.


What does it mean to remember someone

How does it affect us

To remember is to give life to the past

Remembering actions a smile or special connection

A parent who is gone a lost love or a soldier who has died

We raise statues in tribute to the famous

Or put stars on a walk of fame

Remembering helps pass on values and virtues

Reinforcing what we consider to be truth

Remembering covers a wide range

From sacrifice to nurture to accomplishment

For some remembering is a painful experience

Of evil done or atrocities we witnessed

Some wish not to remember but find it necessary

For healing and renewal for the future

Some remember again and again year after year

Because of the contributions given to their wellbeing

We remember those we love

Because one day we will become those persons

Hopefully remembered by those who love us

 As someone who live life well


Photo of three generations: Dwight L. Roth




8 thoughts on “Remembering

    • I rarely reply to comments, but… I am a vet. I served honorably and with distinction. Do not thank me today. We have a day for that. It’s called Veteran’s Day. Today is for one thing, and one thing only. We remember those who never made it home. Today is a very hard day for some of us. I think of those who were wounded in combat. Those who I failed. Peace.

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