Behind the Door


Behind this door is a place of worship

A connection to God and a place of refuge

Doors are either a pathway in

Or a way to keep others out


Most churches or temples have open doors

Welcoming anyone wanting to worship

Other doors of closed groups cater only to their own

Rituals and secret rites are required to be a part

Doors are like people

Some with open and welcoming spirits

While other share only with a few

Still other groups promote bigotry and hate

Not only keeping their doors shut

But attempting to bring evil or harm to anyone different

Open the door of your heart


Welcome those who may be different from you

Let the light of God’s love shine through you

Keep your door open to all who are willing share this light

Light the candle and dispel the darkness

Let your open door change the world


Photos of the Jewish Temple in Stanton, Virginia: Dwight L. Roth


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