Mindless Illusions


Once again we see Evil manifest in the killing of children at a concert in Manchester, England.  Once again we are reminded that peace will not be found in bloody visions of death and destruction.  When we live by the rule of an eye for an eye there is no peace. Peace can only come through the renewing of the mind and the joining together to make the world a better place.  It is so sad for those who lost their children to a murderous terrorist with mindless illusions of evil. I am reposting this poem to once again ask, “What are they thinking?”

Twisted Minds

Hearing tinnitus voices

Whispering fear in their heads

Paranoid illusions

Threatening and fearful

Calling forth the need to fight

To kill and destroy

Imaginary enemies all around

Minds twisted by extremists

Fed bloody illusionary truth

Calling forth jihad

Against the infidels even their own

Imaginary enemies all around

Die for their cause all for Allah

Rain down hell bombs bullets and more

False illusions of reward for sacrifice

From a god whose law is death

And minds confused with evil lies

No comprehension of the God of Love

The God who forgives as we forgive


Painting: Dwight L. Roth

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