Rust the shedding of superficial cover-ups

Cracking our image in the cauldron of time

Peeling away layers we thought were no more

Revealing vulnerabilities close-up

Weak spots in our picture-perfect shell of reality

Letting the cares of life chip away at our core

Ulcers of paranoid acid eating away at our soul

Possessing our mind convincing us of our mortality

Layer by layer continuing to peel back more


If left unattended will it becomes our horror

From specters of the past already put to rest

But if addressed can be restored

Healing renewal for the future once more


Photo: Dwight L. Roth





21 thoughts on “Rust

      • for oddities sake 😀 I must have a love of just the right chrome rust! 😀 it’s sure purdy 😀 and also many pigments are just that….rust. 😀 or chemistry-wise an oxide of something… sooo! lets talk gemstones! them purdy things too! 😀 or the humbler ceramic clays. the very blood we pump. many things are rust 😀 — 😀 think now as i know you’re a touch further along the race of life than i, how many times you’ve re-rusted your soul with new blood… it comes by average every six weeks. or8 times a year ish. how many times have you renewed? then think to that delight of what is actually achieved in such a time- a modern built home is approximately achieved correctly in about that time foundation to trimmed….maybe not landscaped yet lol but much of that time frame is a renewal – a blossoming it is half the fast cycle of vegetation planted to fruiting. 3 cycles til most things harvesting. not the drying/processing or real work mind you but it is the growth cycles. the layers of development. fruition…for a fancy-fied word 😀 thus it tickles me the notions rust as if by breaking down we are in fact cycling…renewing. each sheet metal, tube steel, combination a joy to behold is but a few days in the sun and rain away from renewing back to where we begin with it- the powdered or rock rust heated to extract from it what we wish…painted or otherwise protected only so long…only so long. the war of states of being argues with different word and at different rates to become again anew.

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