Fake Artificial Intelligence

Rush 2

        Fake Artificial Intellegence

As we stare hypnotized at LED screens

We somehow have convinced ourselves

That we hold truth in our digital hands

Reality somehow resides in this artificial screen

Artificial intelligence is only as smart

As those who feed the info into the grinder

As we are bombarded by AI all around us

We begin to drink the cool-aide one sip at a time

Never thinking only seeking the next feeling fix

Sucked into emotions that feed our perspective

Sound bites and pictures sculpted and scripted

Take us where we are willingly led

No logic or common sense in our sensational addiction

No question of moral or ethical consequences

As we bow down to our media gods of Limbaugh and Maddow

We sink deeper and deeper into the stupor of fake AI

Whatever happened to “Question Everything!”

Whatever happened to “Think for Yourself!”

Will future Artificial Intelligence be as fake

As the media we feed on today

Will thinking without emotion be the step

Leading us back to common sense

Or will AI feed us fake information

Controlling us like the children of Jonestown

Sacrificing our intelligence for one we created

Bowing down to the “truth”


Bing Photo  –  hardnoxandfriends.com



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