When I am Loved


Being alone and at the mercy of others must be a very difficult thing. As we were leaving the crafts fair, last weekend, I saw this old man all alone in the doorway down the street. He was playing on a chord organ and had a jar out to collect money from listeners. I sent my grandson over to put something in his jar as we passed by. The thing that caught my eye was his loyal dog lying at his feet as he played his music. I thought how comforting it must be for him to have that connection.

When I am Loved

As long as there is one who loves me

All else becomes secondary

Work struggle pain or poverty

Become tolerable when I am loved

No matter how old I get

Or how I am perceived

I am rich

A dedicated friend who loves me

Is worth more than gold

There is one who loves unconditionally

Attached at the heart by soulful bonds

Would lay down his life for me

A true friend to the end

This is Man’s Best Friend


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



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