A Tribute to Mom

Mom pulling Dwight in wagon -Masontown 1948 001

One of the things that struck me most, as I read through her diaries after she passed in 2007, is how many times she writes, “I am so tired!”  Back in the 40’s and 50’s there were no air conditioners. Clothes were washed in a ringer washer and hung on a clothes line to dry. Mom always washed clothes on Monday. I can still smell the aroma of Tide and see the clothes squeezing through the ringer into the rinse tubs. When dry, she and my sister Priscilla sprinkled them and ironed them on an ironing board in the kitchen. It was hard work and I am sure Mom was very tired every night when her head hit the pillow!

Thanks Mom, for all your hard work and loving care!

Wash Line Memories

Lines strung across the yard to the apple tree

Electric pole and butternut make three

Held up in the middle with a big long prop

Just a long skinny pole with a nail in the top

Morning dew quickly takes leave

Clothes carried from the basement in a basket of weave

Wooden clothes pins in a bulging bag

Some have heads others squeeze to hold the rags

Shirts and underwear flap pretty as you please

Jeans and sheets hang carefree in the breeze

Neighbors next door see everything you wear

Back then it didn’t matter we didn’t give a care

Towels loose moisture but not their good smell

When you wash with Tide you know all is well

The best part of all are those windblown sheets

Crawling in bed getting tucked in and ready to sleep

There’s no better bed in the entire world

Than one just made with windblown sheets


Photo:  Mom Pulling me in the Wagon 1948




4 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mom

  1. Nice tribute, thanks for the memories, I remember them very clearly. They were hard years, but we were free and happy not bogged down with all the laws of today.
    Have a nice mother day, just remembering, does the body good.

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