Runny Nose Limericks


For my 70th birthday I got a really bad head cold. Must have come with stress of travel the week before. It was there when I woke up and it is still there two days later. As they say, you can either laugh or cry, so I decided to laugh at it. Hopefully it will pass soon! Here are my silly Runny Nose Limericks

My nose began running today

I chased it but fell by the way

Then it did a big switch as it ran through my head

and turned into a river instead


The river became a huge flood

A nonstop flow of the mud

And as the dam broke I lost all my hope

As the tissues became just a joke


All day and all night ran the deluge

With tissues all over the floor

I felt so bad I stayed in my pad

Where I hoped and prayed for a cure


The tissues are all running low

Stacking up with each thunderous blow

If the sneezing won’t stop I may blow my top

With the flow of the river’s increase


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


20 thoughts on “Runny Nose Limericks

  1. the model tune/lyric is Megadeth’s “Sweating Bullets” lyrics here should you care to see how badly I slaughter them and Sneeze on the meter too. otherwise, get better and…

    achoo! Sneeze uh gee, Achoo! Sneeze!
    C’iest la Vie! sniff sniff, such is life
    that tissue box ‘s worth gold
    thanks to this cold I’m getting
    and thoughts?..smaller…ah AH ACHOO!
    Sorry, I didn’t mean to spray you.
    Remember when the issues weren’t which bathroom you could use
    but whether you had human value?

    feel the aloe soothing skin
    achoo! another sneezing jag again!
    hold your thought my friend
    t’weren’t for for tissues,
    ew dripping again!
    I’d form a thought…ACHOO!
    There it went again! – DRIPPING BOOGERS!

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  2. A boy who dismembered a spider
    Thought a tigress so tame he could ride her.
    You can guess his surprise
    When she nibbled his thighs
    And he ended up legless inside her.

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