The Answer I Seek


The Answer I Seek

In seeking the answer I find

The answer is not always attainable

Reminding me that I am not God

No the answer lies beyond me

Beyond my inner self

The answer lies in the essence of who I am

One created in the image of God

But I am not God

One who attempts to be as God

Knowing good from evil right from wrong

Yet constantly falls short

When I seek to be God

I find myself in the seat of judgement

Attempting to fix and cure everyone else

Blinded by my own ills

When I attempt to know better than God

I am always shortsighted every time

When I deny God exists

The stones cry out with silent majesty

The birds of beauty sing their symphonic melodies

The sun is painted on the horizon

In gorgeous arrays of color

Every part of nature reveals

A depth to which I cannot go

Nothing within myself will ever

Show me the answers I so badly want to know

The limited God wannabe that I am

Always falls short of the real thing

The answer lies in the Essence of God

The light in the darkness

Love that goes beyond hate

Love that forgives

Love that seeks the good of others

Love that expresses the beauty of the creator

To find the answer of who God is

We must begin with Love

And discover that Love has not end

To understand Love is only the first step

To experience Love may be the second

To understand the whole answer

Is yet to be found


Photo: Banner Elk, NC – Dwight L. Roth



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