My Thoughts on Climate Change

Tree Rings UA

I am posting this one realizing that it may go counter to the thinking of some of you, but hoping you will read with an open mind and then decide what you think. After watching the extremes related to Climate Change, it amazes me how so many people believe this is something new. This has been going on for thousands of years as shown in the geology of the earth’s crust and in the rings of the trees, like the one shown above from the University of Arizona. We saw how the draught in California changed in a matter of a year’s time. Major changes can happen at any time within the earth’s crust or in the Weather cycles. I am not trying to dispute the Science of Climate Change, but I am amazed that we think that all of our efforts are going to change the inevitable! You may call me naïve or lacking in scientific knowledge, but this is my personal observation.

Check out this interesting article on tree ring research the University of Arizona is doing.

Read the Rings

Earth Day has come and gone

With marches and shouting protests

Proclaiming something new going on

That’s been happening for thousands of years

Climate change has always been with us

With no help from any of us

From the Ice Age to the Sahara changes happened

Somehow we think it is something new


Perhaps we should read the rings

Of giant trees we cut down

Of oaks and redwoods that are lifetimes old

Their stories ingrained in the wood

Hundreds of years of climate change

Appear before our very eyes

Wide rings with rain and rapid growth

Narrow rings years of heat and drought

And the cycle of life continues on

We think we’re in control

We’ll save the planet with our great roar


One volcanic blow can change it all

As we saw in Mt. St. Helen’s blast

The ozone layers not even mentioned

Now it’s just a blast from the past


Pollution and garbage are a big problem

Ugly scabs on our big blue ball

Do your part.. care for your space

Conservation is extremely important

Keep planting trees and manage well

The Earth is alive and doing pretty well

But it will change no matter how loud we yell


What about you what about me

For the next thousand years

We are just earth rings

In the tree of time


Tree Ring Photo:

11 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Climate Change

  1. The old oak tree that fell in the grounds of Beaulieu (UK) went right back to the Battle of Hastings (1066). The important rings were all labelled. Incredible to see. 1588 – 1776 – 1789 – 1914 etc … Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

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  2. Actually what you’re saying is true, Climate Change is normal, periodical, it exist since the Earth was born. It is Global Warming the problem, Global Warming was caused by humans and by pollution and occurred during the last 200 years. Calling it Climate Change is misleading.

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  3. An Ice Age is a part of the Climate Change. And yes climate change (as a normal and periodical phenomena) is still occurring, we can’t change that. But, humans have worsened the process, leading to an increase of the temperatures, which wouldn’t have occurred if climate change was not touched by human emissions of gas. That is called Global Warming. Do you follow me?

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      • Yes! The process will be slow and will take a lot of sacrifices, but it’s what we got to do if we want to continue to live a good and healthy life.

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