Toes in the Ocean

Students seeing the ocean for the first time 1978 001

In 1977 I moved to North Carolina and got a job teaching fifth grade in a very rural school system. Our classes were based on achievement test scores, and I had the fifth class of the fifth grade!  Needless to say my introduction to NC culture was in overdrive that years. In March we took all the fifth graders to the Outer Banks. We visited the Wright Brothers Memorial, climbed the sand dunes at Kill Devil Hills and stopped for a short time at the public beach. Many of my students had never seen the ocean even though they lived only four hours away. Their hesitation and excitement was a joy to see.

Toes in the Ocean

What must it feel like to see the waves

Watching them ebb and flow for the very first time

The thrill of white foam licking your toes

Disappearing just as fast as it came

Eleven years old and nary a visit

Never seeing this wild wide wonder

But today is the day to stop look with awe

Put your toes in the sand sink into the surf

How wonderful to squeal with delight

Friend in hand you take those first icy cold steps

Together experiencing a lasting impression

Forever indelible in your minds

One of the memorable joys of teaching

Is to see your students experience the ocean

For the very first time in their life


Photo:  Dwight L. Roth


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