The Misrepresentation of “We”


On of the hard lessons in life that I had to learn is that not everyone thinks like I do.  To imagine that others don’t like what I like or dislike what I dislike was a lesson I had to learn.  It was interesting in the past election, how both sides claimed the “We” majority assuming that everyone believed like they did. What a shock to find out that was not the case. The “We” that included everyone failed to realize there were some who did not agree with their views.  How do you misrepresent “We” in your conversations?

The misrepresentation of  “We”

When something pleases me

It is not hard to say

“I like that!”

But when something displeases me

I revert to “We…

“We don’t like that!”

“We think that person is wrong.”

“All Americans believe…”

Interesting how people become inclusive

To make their point

It is easy to convince ourselves

Everyone else feels exactly like we do

“We” doesn’t always mean everyone

With many divergent minds

Coming together to create “We”

Is sometimes a stretch

How easy it is to include everyone

In my cause

Seems to hold so much more weight

Reality is harsh sometimes

When the “We” turns out to only be me


Photos:  Bing Photo (  & Dwight L. Roth

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