Modern Tattle-Tales


Modern Tattle-Tales

Mommy, look what Johnny did

Jimmy pushed me down

Susie called me a bad name

Tommy’s sister is having a baby

And she’s not even married

Tattle-tales spreading gossip

In the house and on the schoolyard

Guess who does it today

It is your computer, your TV, your radio

Over and over again all day long

Till we are sick of hearing it

Soundbites and fake news

Regurgitated over and over

Politicians, reality stars, athletes

All in the mix of rotten stew

Movie stars, musicians, nobodies

Police, teachers, and preachers

No one is left out

The world of tattle-tale reality

In our face, on the news, on every sidebar

So sad we have nothing better to do


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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