Beauty Comes


Beauty Comes

Beauty comes when you least expect it

A cool breeze a bird song  sun rays peaking

Smiles from a stranger brighten your day

An unexpected touch of comfort or encouragement

Hugs from a child arms wide open laughing

Suddenly a rainbow reaching across the sky

Beauty for a moment then gone with the mist

The full moon rising yellow-orange over the horizon

Transforming to white before our very eyes

A woodpecker cardinal or titmouse at the window feeder

Shimmering in the sunlight flashing hidden colors

A kiss on the cheek an “I Love You!” a moment of joy

Daffodils dogwoods azaleas reminders of spring

Flood our eyes with rich nature’s blaze

A grandchild unfolding like petals of a flower

Kaleidoscope of beauty right before our eyes

White hair a wrinkled face eyes that see the soul

Encouraging expecting knowing

Beauty come when we least expect it

Bringing great joy and lasting memories

Photo: Dwight L. Roth


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