Which Record are You


Which Record are You

Which record are you on the turntable of life

78 45 or 331/3

Young people today are 78’s spinning faster and faster

Racing in everything they do attempting to do it all

Never having enough time always something more

The job the kids the wife the dog the trash the yard

None stop spinning at top speed

Perhaps you are a 45 spinning at half the speed

Finding time for some fun in your life

Prioritizing in ways that feed your soul and spirit

Loving life working hard pacing your self

Seeing the good in the world around you

I feel like I am in 33 1/3 speed spinning at a leisurely pace

Finished with the 78’s and less of the 45’s

Career is done and life is good finding my stride

Choosing my hobbies my friends and enjoying my family

No longer killing myself to get to the finish line

Realizing it is just around the bend

But not yet in sight


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