In the equinox of life people cross our path

Some have been gone for quite awhile

Others pass each day

Friends long gone come our way like spring

Bringing energy and new life as we reminisce

Like spring rains to water our soul they arrive

Some will stay others will leave our life once again

Then there are persons who pass through our life

Bringing memories of dread feelings of pain

Scorching our soul once more as they cross our path

Like raging tornadoes they blow through

Leaving verbal destruction and tails of dread

Which one are you at equinox intersection of life

Do you bring joy and blessing or gloom and dread

Be like the Spring Equinox anticipated and welcomed

Be life and breathe nourishment and strength

Few enjoy the anticipated frigid cold of the Fall Equinox

Life is too short to live with attitudes of judgement and hate

Let your equinox encounters be filled with Love

Seasoned with the salt of Grace

Welcomed at each path’s crossing


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