Watching Over Her Kingdom


My Red tail hawk came by to visit me today. She sat on the limb at the edge of my back yard and surveyed her kingdom. She was keeping an eye on my bird feeder hoping a mourning dove might come by. She did not seem to be concerned about the little birds or even the squirrel that sat very still on a tree twenty feet away. Two days age she was there sitting on the power line about twenty feet back. While she was there a male came and landed on the line right beside her. It must be mating season, considering what ensued.  He soon flew off and not too long after she followed him in the same direction. Here are a few more shots.






Photos: Dwight L. Roth


12 thoughts on “Watching Over Her Kingdom

  1. Dwight, I think your Red Tail Hawk has been hanging out in my neck of the woods for the past few months. I only see it in the early morning hours in my backyard. It wouldn’t be still long enough to let me photograph it though! 😦

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