Posing for Food


My pair of Red-bellied woodpeckers came to the feeder this morning. They love the sunflower seeds I put out. I grabbed the camera, but the female had flown off. The male stayed around and posed for me while he ate. I got several good photos which you will see as you read the poem below.

Posing for Food

Coming to my rail you know

There are sunflower seeds for the shelling

Eat as long as you wish my friend

But first put on a show

Red-bellied Woodpecker in all his glory

Dressed in chic jacket black and white

Smooth red head grabbing attention


He poses I click no need to worry

Not a bad deal posing for food

Just eat you fill and remain still


Cocking your head this way and that

Coming back for more I knew you would


Now you’re on the gutter pecking away

Drumming your steady staccato rhythms

Marking your territory calling your mate

Chiseling holes as treetops sway

Just like most men you love to pose

Always ready to put on a show

Noisy boisterous wanting her attention

Strutting and primping in your fine clothes


Photos: Dwight L. Roth


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