Night Beacon of Light

the Boddie Lighthouse at Nags Head NC 001

Night Light

Towering above dunes gnawed by ocean waves

Stands a monument of engineering

Seeking some souls to save

A beacon of light to prowling ships in the night

Specters of the sea

Those who listen… who shake with fright

Will live to see dry land tonight

Light piercing darkness guides a ship all alone

Flashing danger ore a graveyard

Of lost ship’s bones

A brick and mortar giant of clay

Calls excited children to come and play

Or climb the winding backbone of steel

And dream of one day steering a ship’s wheel

And every night the mirror shines

Reflecting the light within

Through hurricanes, lightning, wind, and rain

Into the black of night again

Children and parents have all gone home

The dark waves pound the shore

Standing strong it’s all alone

Knowing some ships sail no more

Rain and hail beat the window panes

But the light of life never wains

Ships toss on the rolling foam

The colossal stands alone


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Reposted from last summer


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